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Embrace Your Passion

I grew up in the country music capital of the world, Tampa, Florida. OK... so it's not the country music capital and I didn't even grow up on country music. I started out as a DJ for parties, events, and weddings all through high school. I found my true passion for music while watching everyone singing every word to every song I played. I grabbed a guitar, strummed the basics. Jumped on the piano, then the bass, all while writing every single word that flowed out.

Live Life in Song

Downtown Nashville, in the legendary neon light of broadway's Honky Tonks is where I spend a lot of my time performing. I've been fortunate enough to play some of the most coveted rooms in Nashville. I have been nominated for Pop Artist of the Year, won the Nashville Rising Star singer/songwriter showcase, and have written some of the greatest lyrics with some of Nashville's greatest writers. Collaborating with those who bring something different to the page and finding the middle ground between all the differences tend to create some of the most unique songs.

Be Inspired By Everything

Inspiration is everywhere. I try to tell a story in every song and bring in elements from real and personal experiences. Every lyric tends to come from a real place. It all depends on how deep you want to dig to find it. However, reliving some of these memories can be the hardest part of writing a song, but that's usually the story that needs to be told.


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