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Embrace Your Calling


Adam Bruno is a Florida born and Florida grown songwriter & performing artist whose lyrics, both light-hearted & extremely personal in their own right, spill over into every line of each verse and chorus, painting detailed pictures of stories that emerge from some of the most honest of places and emotionally charged personal experiences. 

His songs have won him multiple awards, nominations, and recognition among both industry professions and his peers. Misery was the among the first of songs to garner him some well-deserved attention, as well as the Grand Prize in the NRS singer/songwriter showcase founded in Nashville, TN.

Adam has been nominated for Pop Artist of the Year, Entertainer of the Year, and has been named as an "Emerging Artist To Watch." He has toured throughout the United States as well as Eastern Europe and has had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most captivating and innovative writers and producers; all while playing some of the most prestigious listening rooms, sharing stages with the likes of Sam Hunt, Train, Maren Morris, and performing at the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals.

Life In 3:30


Life is best lived one song at a time. Some songs are shorter than others, happier than others, and some come with multiple layers. Adam is no stranger to any of these. 

Chance To Lose It All has been a sort of theme among a number of non-profit groups and healthcare agencies. It's a clear and intentional departure from the lighthearted feel-good vibe of Misery, attempting to understand and confront the "why" that comes along with tragedy. The raw honesty throughout this song, brought on by his own personal heart-wrenching experiences with his son, is enough to bring on the tears, and big enough to still give a glimmer of hope.

Be Inspired By Everything


Inspiration is everywhere... Sometimes literally sitting one table over. Adam crafts a story in every song and pulls from real and personal experiences. Each carefully crafted lyric comes from relatable places of happiness, heartache, struggle, triumph, and sometimes just downright fun. 

"Sometimes the message is right there glaring you in the face. Sometimes it's gotten lost inside the places in-between. Other times it needs to be searched out and it just depends on how deep you want to dig to find it. Sometimes, reliving some of these memories can be the hardest part of writing a song, but that's usually the story that needs to be told."



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